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Y like many chicks out there, the girls here are having an awful time in learning how to curl with their ghd (or tong, or heat styler in general). Despite watching my everyday hair routine video and closely inspecting our How To: Curl with your ghd video, they still yet to really master it. So, I going to teach them.

On Friday, after seeing Darling, they relented and cut Libor by 1.07%. Then, and only then, did they feel able to pass on the Base Rate reduction to borrowers. Even then, two banks, HSBC and Barclays, which are not in receipt of government aid, refused to budge, saying merely their rates were “under review”.


For me it about atmosphere primarily, not actions. For me the problem is first and salvatore ferragamo sofia handbag foremost that our players are shit. Tactical problems may be present and we may not be a contender for Bayern without a change but we certainly aren on a relegation spot because of tactics.

I have very very broad shoulders but no boobs. I don’t have a defined waist, no booty, no hips, and chicken legs. I’m an unside down pear.

The Economist has a good rundown of the new study showing unchecked global warming will consume 5% 20% of worldwide GDP a catastrophic amount that makes preemptive measures a downright bargain. Relatedly, I was at an event yesterday uniting all manner of (small “e”) economist types, many of whom spoke dreamily of the need for some national investment in innovative industries, most of whom thought renewable energy offered both the most promise and the most possible gain. That’s certainly backed up by this graph, which sort of scares the hell out of me:


When something happens that you do not like, instead of swearing or complaining, say, “Hmm.” This creates an attitude of interest instead of an attitude of anger or annoyance, which is negative energy. When you need a pick me up, plays the “Won it be lovely when.” game. Say to yourself, “Won it be lovely when ____________” and fill in the blank with something you want to have happen.Repeat these two sets of behaviors over and repeatedly.

Exterior decorations, colors and patterns. The Daydreamer comes in many different colors and patterns. Some are over the top with colors and embellishments.

Unfortunately I am leaving for two months but I got an insistence that he paid the bill, a good hug, and a reminder to let him know when I back in town, followed up with a nice text to the same effect. Of course I would meet a good guy right before I leave. I guess it gives me something good to look forward to when I get back!


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