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Sunglasses with a hidden spy cam, yes you heard it right! However, everyone will acknowledge that this smart product is not for everyone. It is a unique ‘body wearable’ type hidden spy camera with an integrated camera, Digital Video Recorder or DVR and small microphone all integrated into a pair of fine looking polarized sunglasses. On legal grounds only the professed ‘body wearable’ surveillance device can have integrated microphones for audio recordings.


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I recently started seeing someone new, who happens to be salvatore ferragamo shoes run big the first person I’ve dated who’s divorced. When he told me that he was divorced, he said they “grew apart,” after over a decade of marriage, though he also indicated that his ex wife didn’t feel that way, and didn’t salvatore ferragamo shoes run big want to get divorced. I had the sense (though this was a brief conversation, and we’re just getting to know each other) that he didn’t necessarily try to fix things.

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If you are going for pair of framed eyeglasses then you have to choose whether you want a plastic frame or a metal frame or a zyl frame. The color you want to go for has to be clear in your mind whether it is some specific shade or any general shade. There are matte finished frames; colors like tortoise color frames are also available.

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