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Consider that, before the invention of the automobile, the average European travelled only 20 km per year. In 1974, the system involved only 11 years of schooling, and US universities told him he needed to do 12 before he could apply. So he joined BITS, Pilani.


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Wrapping papers have emerged as one of the easiest ways of energy conservation. A lot of paper gets wasted in parties and different occasions where people generally exchange gift items. This paper can be utilized again by recycling it.

Women over 50 have an aura of sophistication and grace, which helps them to carry anything with elan. From fashionable handbags and shoes to funky eyeglasses, women in 50s are ready to experiment with a range of accessories. Eyeglass frames are no more a utility, but have become a way of Ferragamo Sanna Leather Pump Black making a fashion statement.

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