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A swollen “gland” in the neck is not actually a gland but is instead an example of a swollen lymph node. Because the lymph nodes are small organs that are involved in the immune system, the most common cause of a swollen lymph node is an infection. The most common kind of infection that can cause a swollen lymph node is a viral infection, such as the common Ferragamo Classic Eyewear White cold or the flu.

Cut to the sign out front: Doritos and Pepsi Max Sunday. It was funny. And yes, it was offensive to some Catholics. The general word for army became exercitus. Roman equipment (especially armor) gave them “a distinct advantage over their barbarian enemies.” [1] This did not imply that every Roman soldier had better equipment than the richer men among his opponents. According to Edward Luttwak, Roman equipment was not of a better quality than that used by the majority of its adversaries.[2]Initially, they used weapons based on Greek and Etruscan types.

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Let’s assume that the voltage drop across one LED is 1.2V at rated current. This might not be a good estimate, so check your datasheet! It can go past 3V for blue, white, or high power devices. Let’s say you also have a 12V pack of batteries, maybe 8 1.5V AAs in a holder.

The Toledo East/Stony Ridge KOA is approximately seven miles from an exit off Interstate 75. Located in a quiet area with plenty of shade trees, the campground has full hook up RV sites that come with a picnic table, campfire rings and cable TV. Up to 50 amp electrical is available at the sites.

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Add that to the 132 years of experience leaving the Senate, and you get a staggering total of 660 years, according to ABC RYAN STRUYK. When we caught up with Waxman, as well as his longtime coworker from across the aisle, Rep. Tom Petri, R Wis., to talk about their tenures in Congress, there one word they both agreed described Congress these days: gridlocked.