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These eyeglasses have strong frames and lenses as compared to the regular eye wear. The drop ball test is done on them to know the degree of their resistance to any sort of accident. In this test a ball is dropped on the lens to check their impact resistance and the safety glasses also have to pass the standards of ANSI.

Bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses (multifocal glasses): eyeglasses that provide different optical solutions for aging eyes that need to see on different optical levels for different distances. Traditional multifocal lenses have two or three distinct horizontal viewing areas in order to give the wearer two or three different focus points whether short distance, long distance or in between. Some modern multifocal lenses, such as progressive lenses give a smooth transition between these different focal points, and do not contain the tell tale lines, so that no one will even know that they arent standard prescription glasses.


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50V would be “a charge”. That would indicate an electrical problem. This is why you need a meter. So who punitive those game There you know being an answer Be. Be. Be. It is basically 4 mercury tubes that get connected to the intake manifolds and measure the vacuum pressure that is being produced. When all of the connected lines show the mercury levels to be even, then the carbs are synchronised. If they are not even, then the carbs are out of synch and need to be adjusted to match each other.