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At home I have a Mojo v3 FPGA (based on the Spartan 6) and an Elbert (based on the Spartan 3A). The Mojo has a lot of support for getting started (a base project, basic tutorials, etc.) while the Elbert doesn really but it super cheap (there an educational discount if you prove you a student, brings it down to like $20). The Mojo is really well put together but has essentially only I/O headers nothing to really test out projects on beyond the 8 LEDs and the reset button without adding items.

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So, why have these flashlights exploded in popularity over the past several years Of program, the first motive would have to be their comfort and small size. Another good reason would be their extended battery life because they are an LED flashlight. But the largest reason definitely I believe is due to how vivid these torches are.