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The altercation didnt start until the film was rolling, which means we most likely missed some dialog but nothing that important. Garner didnt start resisting until about a minute into the video, and since the video starts off with just talking, I would assume that he wasnt resisting to begin with. The only thing we dont know is whether Garner was selling cigs at the time of the stop.

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ABC MICHAEL FALCONE: What are the chances that Michael Bloomberg will follow the advice of top Democrats like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer who are urging the New York mayor to cease and desist his attacks against their fellow Democrats over gun control Pretty low. Despite the criticism, Bloomberg signaled last week that he plans to stay the course. Think at the moment we are running more ads against Republicans than Democrats but let me just point out this is not a partisan issue, Bloomberg said, according to the Washington Post, referring to the ads his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has been running against key senators.