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Some historians[9] suggest a sailing from Boulogne to the Solent, landing in the vicinity of Noviomagus (Chichester) or Southampton, in territory formerly ruled by Verica. An alternative explanation might be a sailing from the mouth of the Rhine to Richborough, which would be east to west.[10]British resistance was led by Togodumnus and Caratacus, sons of the late king of the Catuvellauni, Cunobeline. A substantial British force met the Romans at a river crossing thought to be near Rochester on the River Medway.

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Ralph Lauren may be labeled as American styles, but this famous designer’s work has sufficed worldwide taste. Ralph Lauren is not only known for producing globally competitive superb cloth line but has also developed his house of design into a remarkable brand. And included in his other items are well crafted, classy and fashionable optical wear.


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May the fourth might just be one of those geek holidays; the one where a few of us wear a Star Wars tie to work, pop the John Williams soundtrack in and blast it. Maybe have a movie marathon or re watch The Clone Wars TV series on Netflix. For this Star Wars geek, it a combination of all these and more.