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I’ve met these people before and wonder how their friends can stand them. The next time your friend runs her mouth about she’s actually an expert in kung fu movies, let her finish her entire speech. Then pause, smile kindly, and say, “You are a great friend, but your insistence on constantly bringing up your myriad skills feels alienating given that I’m someone who already adores you.

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You might want to check out Gourmet Franks at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. Although I didn’t order one myself, I once watched the owner pile on weird topping after weird topping to create what she called a Chicago style hot dog. Not sure if she still works there regularly if at all (this was many years ago), but they at least have the green relish and a huge assortment of condiments.


Especially crafted for those who enjoy luxury, the designer shades from Prada are a real gem. The styles and designs are created very innovatively so that they encompass smooth feminine lines and shapes flattering for all faces. By using the finest materials in eyewear technology, Prada sunglasses provide high quality frames and lenses.