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I liked how much easier WoW made certain aspects (in comparison to EQ) when I first started playing (during Vanilla) but also hated how it didn feel as if there was much risk involved if you died. As each expansion in WoW came out I felt as if they were watering down the game and separating the server community from itself. The second WoW started doing cross server content (raids, pvp, and instances) I started feeling so unattached from my server and noticed a change in how polite people were during instances.


An English man named James Ayscough emerged during the middle of the 18th century. He tested out these smoke tinted lenses. In his opinion, these spectacles, as they were called, were possibly effective for correcting certain vision disabilities if the lenses were to be blue, or maybe green.

The Seattle Seahawks will finish in the 5th seed because of the scenario of both the 49ers and the Packers losing for them beating the Rams to win the division and get a Bye Week will not happen. The Seahawks will probably beat the Rams to finish at 11 5, but the 49ers will beat the Cardinals, win the division and get the Bye Week. The Seahawks will finish as the 5th seed and the Minnesota Vikings with the 6th and final seed and red ferragamo shoes the NFC will be set.

Around the same time Sulla was defeating Marius, Metellus was facing an army led by Carbo’s general Gaius Carrinas, which he routed, and Carbo, with his superior force, after hearing of the defeat at Praeneste withdrew to Arminium. Sulla then won another victory at Saturnia, followed by his defeat of Carbo at Clusium. Having taken and looted the town of Sena, Pompey and Crassus then slaughtered 3,000 Marians at Spoletium, before ambushing and destroying a force sent by Carbo to relieve Marius in Praeneste.