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I went for the 4 year CompSci and I think that had been the preference for employers. Today, a 4 year degree is becoming standard. In my experience, if two candidates have the same experience and one has a Bachelors in English and the other has as associates in an IT related field, they will typically hire the one with the English degree.


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Problem of Child Labour is not new to anybody. ILO under convention 138 makes a distinction between child labour and child work. ‘Child work’ is that participation of children in the economy which does not affect their physical and mental development adversely.

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I am trying to write a Python GUI and I need to do a live plot. I currently have a program that receives data from a machine I am using and I want to be able to plot the values the machine outputs as I receive them. I have been researching and from what I have found so far, it doesn’t seem to me like tkinter or any library can do this in a GUI.

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