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First Tip:Walking with high heels can give ache to your feet right So, just step smoothly and not in hurry. Do it by trying to step your shoes’ heel. Avoid stepping sole first.

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Shivaratri is also celebrated with Rathotsava on Magha Amavasya (next day). The temple has Agrashalas with well equipped rooms and halls for wedding purposes. The Talai or the water tank is famous in Goa for its crystal clear water throughout the year.

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Summer is a fabulous season for weddings. The ambiance of a hot afternoon followed by a balmy night cannot be matched by any other season. If you plan on becoming a summer bride, then make the most significant day of your ferragamo wide shoes life one that not only you and your partner, but also everyone attending, will surely remember.


I know speaker wires in my downstairs basement either has color coded where the positive red and the negative is black. In this case right here, they actually have like a bronze finish on one lead and a nickel finish on the other, so you can tell the difference there too. But what if that isn’t there to help you What if the leads look almost identical How do you maintain continuity when you’re wiring your sound system Well, in my opinion, I think this is the job for digital multimeter.

For bringing all these benefits to your life, you must buy garnet stone from a recognized seller. It should have perfect combination of cut, color, and high clarity. Natural garnet stone online without any inclusions is considered better option for chakra and healing properties.