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As you begin researching items, itll soon become clear how there are numerous stylistic choices to consider. Make the process simpler by thinking about which bag styles would be more comfortable for you to carry for extended periods of time. Some versions come with sling straps that cross your body to evenly distribute weight, whilst others have a nylon exterior with drawstring straps.

Last but not least (you may be able to tell I going through an alphabetically ordered list), is Yamantanka // Sonic Titan. These two sisters are half Japapense, half European art rockers who infuse aspects of both heritages into their music. It looks like they have moved to Toronto, but the project started in Montral.

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Psychopaths always go too far. The American middle class has been murdered. Decades of declining real wages have left them virtually penniless, in debt up to their eyeballs, angry, frustrated, and unable to jump start our moribund economy by buying more Chinese produced crap.

This Malcolm Gladwell article references this book, which describes the events leading up to Ben Johnson’s (a Canadian) forfeiture of his 100 meter gold medal at the 1988 Olympics. According to Gladwell, ‘Going into the Seoul Olympics, then, Johnson was a walking pharmacy. But and this is the great irony of his case none of the drugs that were part of his formal pharmaceutical protocol resulted in his failed drug test.’


While it is possible you’ll find a rare antique mantel clock at a garage sale or online auction, don’t get your hopes up. More than likely you’ll have to look at reputable dealers or antique shops Ferragamo Varina Flats Suede Purple for what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a particular piece to add to your collection, shop around and do your research before putting your hard earned money on it.

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