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As we are all aware, one of the dangers of contests is that associates might sell a product only when there’s a contest going. This scenario happens infrequently, but it does happen. When we detect this behavior, we remind everyone that we need to focus on what’s best for the customer, not what’s best to win the contest.


Since the end of the first quarter of this year, we acquired or contracted to acquire more than $400 million in high quality hospital real estate. The weighted average GAAP yield on those eight facilities is expected to be 9.25%. That’s on the lower end of our historical rang, reflecting in part the high quality of the assets and their operators.


According to experts, preparing for a move that includes pets has to start before moving day as certain behaviours will be easier to prevent. A top pet relocator suggests paying a visit to a vet prior to the move and discussing the impact of long travel on the pets, along with the many ways to prevent often distracting and destructive behaviour from the furry little ones. If that can’t be done, the Internet offers some of the best references (provided by vets and experienced pet relocators) on how to keep pets calm on moving day, and provided below are some of them.


The Oceanside Transit Center is Amtrak’s home in this seaside town just north of Carlsbad, California. The Pacific Surfliner and the Coast Starlight make regular stops in Oceanside on their trips along the California coast. The transit center is the area’s transportation hub, also serving the North County Transit District Buses, Coaster Commuter Train, Sprinter Light Rail and Commuter Link Express.

AVIGNON is “one of the great art cities of France”. Its old part of town has the Papal Palace, seat of Popes 1309 1377, street musicians perform near palace; art museum in Place du Palais open Wednesday through Monday, population of 87,000, town is on Rhone River. Once the religious, political and financial capital, Avignon is today a cultural capital and plays host annually in July to the largest festival of live theatre in the world.