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Standard rooms with bike themed artwork have a dorm fridge, television, Wi Fi and private bath. Amenities geared to motorcyclists include lighted, covered parking and an outdoor wash area. Bikers are invited to bring their own beer to Chili Bob the motel outdoor bar, play horseshoes or lounge around the fire pit with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.

The square footage of Beth’s home is 4,500 square feet including the basement. The square footage of Beth’s basement is 2,000 square feet. Beth uses the basement for day care an average of 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 48 weeks a year. Cindy’s home office is her principal place of business. The square footage of Cindy’s home is 2,200 square feet. Her home office is 225 square feet.

After that, the predicted mission end will be sometime around 2026. Around 2038, New Horizons will be 100 AU from Earth (150 billion kilometers), and if it is still functioning, will be used to further explore the heliosphere. After that, it will continue on into deep space at a rate of about 13km/s, to end up who knows where.


BIG MARKET: Uber is offering car service in 250 cities in 50 countries now, up from 60 cities in 21 countries just a year ago. You can order a car using its popular mobile app in Asia, North America, and Europe. That’s a big market.

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I also do NOTHING over the weekend. If I’m at home for a break, I have an insanely hard time getting anything done, doing ANYTHING productive. I do EVERYTHING last minute.

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