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When needing to get eyeglasses, multi focal glasses are another type that you should know more about; they are used when you need both near vision correction, as well as distance correction. Classically, the bi focal lens system involves two vision corrections within one pair of glasses, in which the distance need is on the top, while the near vision correction is on the bottom of the lens. Modern optical technology has continued this idea without that gaudy line separating the two for a more pristine look; these are typically called progressive lenses.


ADTN 1.5%. The Nasdaq is up 0.4%.Cisco, Alcatel, others sell off following Juniper/Procera’s warningsTelecom equipment makers and their chip/component suppliers are seeing more pain after Juniper (JNPR 7.5%) and Procera (PKT 32%) issued Q3 warnings (I, II), the latest bad earnings news for an industry that has seen plenty due to soft wireline capex. A few enterprise focused networking vendors are also having a rough day.

It is clear, though, that he has never really left. “I am very proud of where I am from,” he says. “It is a very important part of me. Fields are abundant and the air is clear. The climate ensures that spring, summer and fall yield magnificent and varied harvests. Throughout France, Provence is known for the best of everything natural.

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For example, with Tkinter you can create a main window, then call the overrideredirect method to turn off all window decorations (the standard window titlebar and window borders, assuming your window manager has such things). You can query the size of the monitor, then set this window to that size. I’m not sure if this will let you overlay the OSX menubar, though.