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That’s how one of our survey respondents answered our question, “What are the top three obstacles that prevent great plans from reaching effective implementation ” Despite the universal chatter around the need to be “strategic”, and the untold hours spent developing strategic plans, it appears that they don’t work nearly often enough. And based on the spirited responses we got from the generous folks who answered our survey, it seems that many have been involved in a strategic plan that failed. Of course, we all know it’s not YOUR fault!


Turning the key ON just lights up the ignition system, charging system controls and the lighting systems, which doesn’t take a lot of current. Hitting the starter button takes almost all the current from the battery, which goes through the starter solenoid, then passes it down to the starter motor. There is a starter clutch that is part of starting system and when it goes bad it will cause slippage between the starter motor and the engine.


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By about 140 BC (the exact date is unclear) the denarius was retariffed to 16 asses, indicated by XVI on the obverse of the denarius. The re tariffing is thought to have been a recognition of a relationship that had developed because of decreased as weights, both due to wear of old asses and to decreasing mint weights of newer ones. This meant that the quinarius was worth eight asses, and the sestertius four asses.

When you select a retirement plan ensure that the plan can give you a sum close to what you get from your own work. The next important step is always to start saving for the future. You can seek advice from your company to see perhaps the firm has any pension plans.