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When I powered it up again, no more shock. I unplugged it and removed the outer case, but saw no loose wires (free of their apparently intended destination), although one blue wire was free of its bracket/harness, resting against the wide copper band on the transformer (the big squarish mother). I moved it out of contact.

Lusth, who has two years of Santa Barbara City College on his resume and works as a waiter near the surf in Venice, Calif., mastered the tropical game’s challenges. He won two very different ones on the show’s final two hour telecast Sunday: winning a ferragamo shoes rubber sole race to complete a complex puzzle, and showing his endurance by standing on a tiny platform for two and a half hours. He was presented with a check for $100,000 on The Early Show.

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In addition, Gucci eyeglasses especially sunglasses are famous for their sophisticated yet stylish looks. Coming in both plastic and metal frames, spectacles made by Gucci can meet customers’ different tastes. Like other reputable brands, Gucci glasses are designed with the famous Gucci symbol or mark.

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I can stand how itchy wool is, but smartwool is soft enough to wear. A few years back I gave up on staying dry and went with staying warm instead, so I just wear smartwool longjohns and socks, with some soccer shorts for modesty. These items are expensive, but I have to wash wool less often so I get by with two or three pair, and it worth it to me.


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