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When they don’t deep fry their food within the safe heat, it’s likely that they’ll get foodborne ailments. Furthermore, deep frying would affect their own health since this entails the usage of oils that can contain bad fats. But the great news is that a low fat deep fryer could be availed as a healthier alternative.


Next check the fuses. All of them. You could have a blown or loose ignition fuse.

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Things were normal for a while after that, then one week, they didn come in a single day. This was a bit concerning, because they come in almost every day for our lunch specials. Another week passed, no sign of Joe and Esther. The plug can actually melt without pre ignition occurring. However, the melted plug can cause pre ignition the next time around.Thetypical pre ignition indicator, of course, would be the hole in the piston. This occurs because in trying to compress the already burned mixture the parts soak up a tremendous amount of heat very quickly.