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You need to show the real affection that they always deserve. At the same time if you are not going for your work, your financial stability might be at stake at one point of time or the other. How to balance it out Here is the ide . A good choice, when you are travelling long distances so as to be able to take off and put your feet up or to slip them right back on and walk from gate to gate!As mentioned earlier, Converse canvas shoes have crept from sports to fashion so smoothly that it is difficult to trace back how exactly it happened. Today the shoe has evolved through the use of stylized shoe laces, (including mismatched or printed shoe laces), writing or drawings on the shoe, from blacks and whites to multi coloured or printed, which makes it a global favourite. The Converse Draugen Hi 106104 is an example of trendy, hot and happening shoe with leather and canvas patchwork and the Converse All Star logo ferragamo shoes online singapore on the side.