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One fix is to ask your doctor for a specific prescription for computer vision then have a pair of computer glasses made up strictly for computer usage. Another fix is to get a pair of no line bifocals Ferragamo Low-Heel Vara Pump Black or progressive lenses theyll allow you to use your computer with minimal head tilting. A quick fix is to adjust the height of your monitor so its just above eye level.


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My point here was that this is only an image of two men holding hands. Why is this about atheism We have no clue as to whether these men are religious or not. They are not getting married, nor do they appear to be married in the image, which means it is not related to any debate over marriage equality which could be related back to religion.


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She has damaged a lot of truths regarding witchcraft. People believe Wicca to be something every one can learn, and they can not as there are mysteries to be learn. Wicca also follows the Goddess, where as some witches do not.I think the witches I have met that could perform the darkest magic is the followers of Hekate/ Hecate.