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So it woulda been better to just give 10k to the winning team of each set, or like 7500 for the win and 2500 for showing up. I just think that no matter what the system used was, there was no way it could have proven anything about the regions. If they did this between splits I think it would give better information, but its still only one ferragamo shoes jakarta tournament so its kinda meh.


With the island being relatively unspoilt, much of its natural flora and fauna remains abundant and awe inspiring. It is a treat to see so many unusual species flourish in so compact an area. Noteworthy amongst these are the Rodrigues warbler, Rodrigues fruit bat and Rodrigues fody.

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My P bass (and even my Galveston 6) feel more comfortable. Don get me wrong, it still eminently playable, stays in tune for ages and I think the truss rods needed 1 tweak in the time I owned it (and that was my fault because I left it on ferragamo shoes jakarta a stand instead of in a case for an extended period). Strong as hell too, 6 bolt body joint.