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Their solace is that, however unloved, somebody got to win. As for the Republicans in Congress, 25 percent approve, compared with a low of 20 percent in late 2011 and a 20 year average of 32 percent. Seventy one percent disapprove.

Before Roe v. Wade, abortion was legal in several areas of the United States, but that decision imposed a uniform framework for state legislation on the subject, and established a minimal period during which abortion must be legal (under greater or lesser degrees of restriction throughout the pregnancy). That basic framework, modified in Casey, remains nominally in place, although the effective availability of abortion varies significantly from state to state.

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Memnon, realizing the city was lost, set fire to it and withdrew with his army. A strong wind caused the fire to destroy much of the city. Alexander then committed the government of Caria to Ada; and she, in turn, formally adopted Alexander as her son, ensuring that the rule of Caria ferragamo mens shoes price passed unconditionally to him upon her eventual death.[citation needed]Shortly after the battle, Memnon died.