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What the officer could have known is that choking is banned by the NYPD. I say the penalties warranted are excessive use of force and violating the “no choke” policy, but I can exactly hold the officer directly responsible for the suspect death. If they had forced him in to cuffs (because they sure weren talking him in to it) in a more conventional manner, the outcome very well could have been the same.


Who is responsible for labor costs of removal and replacement of a defective product. I feel that at the very least I should be compensated for my time and the materials other than the wood that were used and will be lost in rebuilding. What is the manufacturer and seller liability for product failure.

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In the same way that looking like you don’t care is important to scene kids, hip hopers that like to look fresh are all about caring. Name brands, matching colors AND shades (if you wear a tan shirt, with your jeans, your tan shoes need to be the same shade). Everything needs to new or look new, freshly pressed or ironed.

For centerpieces, use a tall cylinder glass vase. Fill it halfway with river rocks, and place some orchids in the vase. Instead of numbers, name each table a different jungle animal (zebra, lion or giraffe), and place a photo of that animal in the center of the table.

Maybe I just a nice guy, but if I had a shitload of money, I give my favorite band 100 g to make a kick ass album. I think that be way better than yachts and shit. And you know what I bet my rich friends would try and bankroll another band to make an even better record, and their friends do the same, etc.


Secret question to protect your password (drop down list marked D). Click on the list ferragamo mens shoes blue to see a series of personal questions and choose one that you can answer easily and quickly. If you ever lose your password, eBay will ask you this question in order to verify your identity before helping you to choose a new password.


In 2007, San Francisco became the first city in the country to require employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave. Only time will tell if other cities and states and eventually perhaps the federal government will follow San Francisco’s lead. Supporters of mandatory paid sick leave claim it benefits the employee, employer and the community.