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Sorry, I not particularly attacking you. I frustrated with this complaint is all. I feel like Ubisoft made a story with some subtlety to it (not much, but some) and as a result it just completely missed. You don’t need a fancy camera, just get your friends together and think of a creative idea!You don’t even need a song. If you’ve made something visually cool that is around 3:30sec long, send it to us and we will set it to a song for you!Try to pick a track people would ferragamo mens ostrich shoes like to hear anything you want, and to whatever song you like from the past 15 years. You can look at the Radio 1 Playlist for inspiration here.Unfortunately we can’t get back to everyone who sends their video in so if you can’t listen or watch the show make sure you check these pages on the Radio 1 website each week for the show playlist.We receive a huge amount of videos each week and so we cannot guarantee that yours will be played and there may be a delay in us being able to process them due to the amount that we recieve.

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