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Floaters generate as a result of degenerative changes in the vitreous jelly that fills the eye.Most of the time they are insignificant. Ferragamo Classic Eyewear White However, if you are wearing contact lenses or spectacles of high power, I would suggest that you consult a good retinal surgeon to be on the safe side. He will examine you and make sure that there is no problem with your retina.If you do not wear eye glasses or contact, I would suggest that you learn to ignore the spots.

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Boardwalk Pipeline Partners (BWP +3.2%) is upgraded to Neutral from Underperform with a $16 price target, up from $14, at BofA/Merrill, as reports indicate BWP has concluded a successful binding open season in contracting some legacy south to north pipeline capacity to a north to south flow, which could help stabilize BWP’s base business. BWP also may have several other potential pipeline reversals on the table, and recent natural gas spreads and volatility also may provide some near term uplift for BWP’s storage and pipeline businesses. The firm also upgrades Regency Energy Partners (RGP +0.4%), to Buy from Neutral with a $30 price target, believing units are overly discounting RGP’s tight coverage and relatively expensive up front multiples for recent acquisitions.

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