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Its not men, its not women, its the criminally insane. Which is worse, a man who rapes a woman, or a woman who psychologically abuses her son for his entire life Shit is shit, gender itself is not an issue here, men and women are both capable of doing horrible things, the point I trying to make is that the rapist is making no effort to prevent you from being raped, so if you do happen to be especially vulnerable to being raped it really is up to you to try to not get raped. Again, no amount of blame throwing at the male gender is going to stop rapists because they aren going to stop and go “gee, maybe I should consider that this person is also a human being, and deserves to not be accosted by me,” they are physically forcing themselves on someone, I think the screaming, punching and kicking is probably getting the message that you just aren into him across effectively.

If she is fine overnight, I would still recommend getting her checked over by your regular Vet tomorrow given the symptoms she has had. Here they can rule out a cheap salvatore ferragamo mens shoes heart issue and have a good feel of her abdomen, check her temp etc. George and I are so happy that I found “JustAnswer” on my Google search you are now in my “Favorites” list! And, yes we do love our kitty she makes our life complete!


They say that Murphys Law is always around, just waiting for the right time to show itself and make you realize that it is real. Well, that is the thing when it comes to life what could go wrong will go wrong so it is best that you do know how to avoid all these problems and how to always have a back up plan. Knowing how to avoid the problems should mean doing everything you can to be able to accomplish such.