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The campaign itself lasted quite a while, a couple years at least. I don think it still going on, but I have to ask the GM. I came in after it had been going on for a few months, and I had to drop out after a couple months because, while it was one of my all time favorite characters to play, it was just too intense a character to keep up with.

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After a visit to the optometrist today, I’m shopping for glasses. I found a pair that I quite like Armani 500s but I’m wondering if I can get them any cheaper than the $165 CDN they’re charging at the local store. I’ve scoured previous AskMes and been reading about shopping for glasses online, checked froogle and ebay, and have found cheaper sticker prices but after you factor in shipping and the exchange rate and (I’m assuming) duty, the deal isn’t quite so good.


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