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The problem to me is that in almost any other situation, commission of one crime to accomplish another dramatically increases the sentencing. Commit a rape that ends in a murder, assault somebody with a firearm in the course of a robbery, drink and drive and cause an accident, etc. But somehow since this guy decided to go really big on the crime he committed to get to the crime he wanted his sentencing is going to be less


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Please also try to come up with original post titles. If I recall, Giardia is typically cultured on cell tissue cultures, just as Trichomonas (which is even pickier). How did you ID your critters Sequencing Or colony morphologies Some of the colonies may have also been yeast or other fungi those things grow everywhere like crazy (and, again, mostly harmless).


Turkey Day is back in a big way. After the success of last year’s MST3K Turkey Day marathon, hosted as an all day online stream by series creator Joel Hodgson, Shout! Factory returns again this year to save your from the doldrums of all day football. Paranoid uncle Louie refusing to give you best salvatore ferragamo mens shoes the wifi network’s password so that you can tune in That’s ok! Shout! Factory is releasing MST3K: Volume XXXI, The Turkey Day Collection two days before Thanksgiving, including episodes: Jungle Godess, The Painted Hills, The Screaming Skull, and Squirm! Also included are a bevy of special features, including a look inside this whole Turkey Day marathon shindig.

MetaMind being cloud based is yet another walled garden where you pay them to perform a service, not get access to the actual technology yourself. The whole article is written with a tone of “free AI for all!” but when you actually read the article it not. It just a regular old business selling a product for a fee.


jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this TROPHY CASEContact a few US based fashion blogs/magazines (that don have the budget to send people over to PFW) and ask if you can do some street style/show coverage for them. They may be able to get you a media pass. If it like London, you have to pay for a pass for access to showrooms, and you have to pay extra for front of house access (backstage access is another matter entirely).