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Frank Guinta is favored in the race against Dan Innis, a dean at the University of New Hampshire, former selectman Brendan Kelly, and there is a fourth lesser known candidate, Everett Jabour. Shea Porter was elected in 2006 and 2008, but Guinta beat Shea Porter in 2010 only to then be ousted in 2012. Guinta is running for the fifth time in nine years and Innis has called Guinta a career politician, but he has much higher name recognition than his opponents.

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I figured I’d have to reformat and just lose everything on the C drive, but I was lucky to find this site. Didn’t know you guys existed. The knights of cyberspace.The picture of the screen freeze is attached.Yes. From her earliest days, she was inspired to create small worlds for her dolls and constant art works. In the early 1970’s she moved from the Midwest to New York City to become the “great artist” but found the NYC art world to be too stuffy and contrived for amazon ferragamo women’s shoes her tastes. The first visitor in her apartment was a large NY cockroach.